Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scrapbook Retreat

This one I used sketch #36 from 52sketches52weeks
Haley's messy mealtimes

This was my first attempt at using paint on a LO. Pretty fun actually! Family pictures while visiting Cali

I used sketch 122 from let's scrap

I made this page before I had the pics and I thought they were taken in the spring but it was actually the summer. Oh well!

I used sketch 108 from let's scrap
Haley's first time at Lego Land

Tyler and the fire trucks at Lego Land
Haley asleep in the highchair
I think this one was a sketch from CK magazine
Kim and Justin's graduation

I used sketch 126 from let's scrap
Baily and Jordan-crazy kids-need I say more?
Haley's first easter egg hunt

This one is sketch 102 from let's scrap
Tyler at the roller rink

I used letsscrap#4 sketch
Haley's first time roller skating

I used sketch 115 from let's scrap
Tyler's birthday presents from his 4th birthday

I used sketch 118 from let's scrap
Tyler's first t-ball season

I used sketch 114 from let's scrap
Tyler's easter egg hunt

This one was sketch nsd3 from let's scrap
Our trip to the tulip festival

This one I used sketch 105 from let's scrap
Outtakes from our Christmas pics-2005

This one I used sketch BB3 from let's scrap
Tyler's foam fun at preschool

I used a sketch from a CK magazine
Little baby Ryder, who is no longer a little baby!

This one I used sketch 113 from let's scrap
Tyler as the master fortmaker

This one I used sketch 109 from let's scrap
A little hike around Anacortes with Jennette and Keith

This one I used Let's scrap sketch #110
Haley, just happy after bath time

Here are my pages I made last weekend at my first scrapbook retreat. Which was so fun, by the way and I got 30 pages done!!! As you can see, I printed off a bunch of sketches before I left to help me get things done quicker. A couple of my friends brought their cricuts and I got to use them for a few of my titles. Okay, that's on my wish list!!


  1. wow!!! Wat to go, you got TONS done.. love seeing all your pages.. great job.. and love your new CRAFTY blog!!!

  2. Dang girl, you've been busy! very cute!!