Friday, March 22, 2013

June Project Life

2012 that is...
Week 22: May 27th-June 2nd
Highlights: Emily's preschool graduation, Haley's field trip to the water park (brrrrr), a trip to Spokane for the farm chicks show, some of my Mother's Day presents, Getting our garden boxes ready
Week 23: June 3rd-June 9th
Highlights: Red Rock Olympics, Last day of school, Histio Heroes bike-a-thon, Emily's 4-year check-up, Fast Sunday dinner at grandma's, a double rainbow after a thunderstorm
Week 24: June 10th-June 16th
Haley made these pages by herself, my little scrapbooker:)
Highlights: Father/son campout, swimming in the pool, playing in the mud, baseball games, blowing bubbles, learning to fishtail braid, a late Mother's Day present of the San Diego temple (the one we were married in)
Week 25: June 17th-June 23rd
Highlights: Postcards from Grandma on her Europe trip, plants growing in the garden, hay baling, summertime walks, the kids did self-portraits, bathtime, cropdusters-a little too early in the morning:(
Week 26: June 24th-June 30th
Highlights: Cub Scout daycamp, swimming in the pool, Bailey and Molli came to play, horseback rides on daddy, strawberry picking at the Cobbs, yummy strawberry dessert, quilted my first quilt on the longarm machine

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Math IS Cool!

I know I don't post a lot of personal/family things going on here, but I'd like to be better at that!! So here goes, at Tyler's school they have Math is Cool. It's something you try out for and the best scores are chosen to be on the team. 12 5th graders were chosen this year and Tyler was one of them. He was super excited! They practiced twice a week during lunch (instead of outside playing-that's commitment:)) and a few times after school. Last Friday, was the Math is Cool competition in Wenatchee. The kids went through all sorts of tests: an individual test, mental math (no scratch paper, just all in your head), a team test, a relay test (you plug in the previous teammates answer into the question and then pass it back to your teammate and so forth), and the college bowl which was the only part the parents could watch. The kids were in groups of 4 from your school and basically the quickest answer earns you a point. It was pretty fun to watch!! Quite a few times, the kids buzzed in with the right answer before I could even reach the answer...oops! Anywho, they awarded the top scorer from each school and Tyler earned that award. Then they also awarded the top 10 kids overall (there were about 135 kids in his division) and Tyler earned 7th place:) I was so excited for him and proud of his hard work. His school didn't place but I think they all had fun and enjoyed the overall experience. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it since it's about and 75 miles away and I had to get a babysitter but I'm so glad I did. What an accomplishment!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP:9 patch blocks

Gosh, I can't believe it's been a month since I posted anything.  Unfortunately, not much quilting has been going on.  Ryan and I took a trip to Palm Springs a few weeks ago.  It was soooo relaxing!  We each got a massage, played some tennis, relaxed by the pool, and ate some yummy food.  It was so nice to getaway but ever since, it seems like life has been in full swing busyness. 

Last week, I got all of the 9 blocks laid out for Emily's quilt.  I saw a tip on this blog to lay out your pieces on a piece of paper, then cover it, and set it by your machine so it is still out (not put away) and you can work on it in the spare 5 or 10 minutes you might have.  Especially a great tip when you have little ones running around like I do.  So here are all of my 9 patch blocks laid on on sheets of paper:

And here are the ones I sewed this week:


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