Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP:9 patch blocks

Gosh, I can't believe it's been a month since I posted anything.  Unfortunately, not much quilting has been going on.  Ryan and I took a trip to Palm Springs a few weeks ago.  It was soooo relaxing!  We each got a massage, played some tennis, relaxed by the pool, and ate some yummy food.  It was so nice to getaway but ever since, it seems like life has been in full swing busyness. 

Last week, I got all of the 9 blocks laid out for Emily's quilt.  I saw a tip on this blog to lay out your pieces on a piece of paper, then cover it, and set it by your machine so it is still out (not put away) and you can work on it in the spare 5 or 10 minutes you might have.  Especially a great tip when you have little ones running around like I do.  So here are all of my 9 patch blocks laid on on sheets of paper:

And here are the ones I sewed this week:


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  1. I like the pink and green - a friend of mine just told me those were her favorite colors so I might have to do a project in those colors too :-)

  2. ohhh love the new look of your blog!!! NICE!!! so you come to Cali and don't even call us??? whats up?? just kidding sounds like you had a NICE getaway, something I could use.. LOVE the quilt.. still working on trying to order.. sorry.

  3. Spring is in the air! I love your blocks and thanks for passing on the tip about organizing blocks, I could definitely benefit from that!