Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I loved looking at all of the quilts during last year's blogger's quilt festival.  It's hosted by Amy's Creative Side and corresponds to the actual quilt market they hold. It was held this past weekend in Portland. 

This year I thought I would add one of my quilts to the festival.  This has been one of my favorite baby quilts I've made--oh wait, it was my first baby quilt:)  Any many more to come I'm sure!

Quilt stats:
Size: Baby quilt, 46 inches square
Fabric: Half Moon Modern by Moda
Inspired by these quilts at A quilter's table
Made in December 2012 for my niece


  1. Wow, I think it's winderful with all the bright colors and soft colors. Great job and lucky baby.

  2. Great choices! Love your quilting...

  3. Pretty baby quilt and I love your quilting!!

  4. Very cute. I've eyed this quilt pattern and I think you've convinced me that I should make this one up.


  5. I love this pattern! I've made it into a baby quilt too, and also made it into a mini doll quilt this past winter! I should do this one again soon, I think! This fabric is great too, love this!