Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Basket

I've got a Friday finish to share with you today.  Each year I buy those plastic baskets for Easter and I finally got tired of buying them and thought it would be more fun to have a permanent basket.  So...I made this fun Easter basket for my son this week.  Only problem is that I have 3 other kids:(  I will probably have time to make one more but the other two will have to wait until next year.  I used a tutorial from The Sewing Loft and she has a free pattern download on Craftsy.  I love that this pattern uses up fabric scraps too.  These baskets are big!!  I was thinking the kids could use them throughout the year, maybe on their nightstands to put things in?? 
One side of the basket

Other side of the basket
Inside the bag-I used a beach print from Sweetwater's Lucy's Crab
Shack line


  1. The bag looks great, I like the fabrics you've included in it.

  2. ohhh those are a great idea!!! maybe you could make and sell some to someone next year??

  3. OMW! Those bags are impressive, not to mention darling. Yes, they will love putting things in them all year long, and they'll love the handles. I'll have to pin this. Is there something that helps it keep it's shape?

  4. Fabulous! A great basket for carrying around on your Easter egg hunt - perfect to collect them all in!!! I also like the idea of making it useful year round. My son keeps all his 'favourite finds' on his nightstand, so something like this would be perfect.