Tuesday, November 13, 2012

April Project Life

Well, I figured since it's almost the end of the year and I'd like to buy a new Project Life kit for the new year, I need to finish up as much of this year as I can.  I've taken all of the pictures, I just need to finish printing them off and put it all together!

Week 14: April 1-April 7
Highlights: Spring break, Cousins visit,  Egg hunt, Climbing Trees, Dying eggs, Visiting family in Tri-Cities

Week 15: April 8-14
Highlights: Easter, Tyler's new pigs, Egg hunt, Tyler earned his bear badge, Taking walks, Tyler driving the lawn mower

Week 16: April 15-21
Highlights: A trip to Utah for Katelin's graduation, Emily's field to the dairy, Tyler and Haley's soccer games, The kids riding in the car

Week 17: April 22-28
Highlights: Tyler and Haley's piano recital, Haley reading during FHE, Haley and Ivy making cupcakes, Emily in her ballet costume, Tyler's final soccer game, I made some baby bibs for gifts, A picture of Mardon

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