Saturday, November 17, 2012

May Project Life

Another month done!  Yippee!!!

Week 18: April 29-May 5
Highlights: Haley riding the 4-wheeler, Katie cuddling with Haley, Emily helping me sweep, Emily and Paige playing, Katie into the nutella, Katie riding her trike, a trip to Target and Costco, Cub Scout Blue & Gold
Week 19: May 6-May 12
Highlights: Walking to Grandma's house, Tyler reading to the girls, Typical price for gas, Ryan's hay field, First swim of the year, Tug-o-War, New baby chicks
Week 20: May 13-19
Highlights: Mother's Day, Katie sleeping in her crib, Haley and her pudding:), 3 new baby kitties, Emily's field trip to Red Rock, Emily's ballet recital, Emily's 4th birthday
Week 21: May 20-27
Highlights: Haley and her princess school, Emily's friend birthday party, Planting beans, Katie playing in the closet, Trip to Seattle (Spaghetti Factory, swimming, zoo), Elder's Quorum dinner

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  1. way to go with project life... I just feel apart at this.. maybe I should just start fresh next year.