Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter patchwork skirts

I wanted to make the girls some Easter skirts this year.  I have been eyeing this Marmalade fabric ever since it came out and I knew Easter skirts would be perfect in this bright, cheery fabric.  I kinda followed 2 different patterns. I followed this tutorial and this pattern (mostly for the bottom band of fabric, the waistband, and sizing info) that I had made before.  The girls love these type of skirts because they have that fun "twirl" factor.  Haley's is probably a size 8-10 and I did three layers of squares (24 squares on the front and the back.  Emily's is a size 5 and I did 2 layers of squares (14 on the front and on the back) and Katie's is a size 2 and I did 2 layers of squares (10 on the front and on the back). Here's what I started with:

Each of my girls picked out what color fabric they wanted for the skirtband and the bottom band of fabric.  Here's Haley's skirt that I finished up first:
and here are all of the girls together on Easter:
Doing their own poses (I think??)

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  1. ohhhh LOVE the cute skirts!!!! and their poses are even cuter!!!

  2. They all look adorable and love the colors and their posing is so stylish too!

  3. Thank you so much for the tutorial. The skirt look wonderful!

  4. I knew that was Marmalade as soon as I saw the picture on the sewing project page. My favorite fabric by Bonnie and Camille so far. Love all there work though.. Very pretty skirts for 3 very beautiful little girl. My husband and I raised three of our grand daughter on our farm for 8 years. The were 2, 4 and 5 when we started. They are now 13, 15 and almost 17. So happy they were able to finally more to Michigan with there Mom. She re-married(sorry Dad of kids left her) and the judge would not let them leave Kentucky because their dad was in KY. He gave them to us. So many memories I am so happy to have, but they need there Mommy. Just wait 3 teen girls are a handful. :) At least they have a big brother to run the boys off.