Sunday, July 7, 2013

July goal

Well I got halfway through my goal last month.  I finished up Emily's quilt top but I didn't finish up my hourglass baby quilt top.  Summer with the kiddos has been a lot busier than I thought and my sewing time has been pretty slim.  It doesn't get dark here until close to 10 so my kids seem to think that it means it isn't bedtime until the sun goes down:( So for this month, I want to finish up my hourglass baby quilt (especially since my little nephew was born last week).  I'm about done with the top-just need to press and sew the rows together.  I'm going to quilt it on my own machine so that may or may not be challenge, since I haven't done that before.  We'll see how it goes:)  It's always good to learn something new, right? Here's where I'm at so far:
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  1. Don't you love quarter square triangles? This quilt is looking great.

  2. so let´s get our Goals get true ;-)
    Lovely projects

  3. ohhhh cool quilt!!! love the triangles