Friday, September 6, 2013


Wow, it's been a month since I last posted.  This past month has been a bit crazy around here.  Here's what's been going on in our neck of the woods farm.  First up, at the beginning of August, we went with a few other families camping at Mt. Rainier.  It was so gorgeous and we had PERFECT weather:)  We went hiking everyday, took dips in the glacier water, ate lots of yummy food, went biking, and the kids had friends to play with 24/7. I was a little bit nervous because we've only done camping for 1 night at a time with our whole family and this was 4 days/3 nights....but it was so much fun.  Our kids are already planning our trip there for next year, haha!

I celebrated my birthday by getting a cortisone shot in my hip.  Oh, that was lovely:(  It's been helping but I think the deeper problem is with my back. I've got a follow-up appt. this month so we'll see how that goes.  The day after my birthday, my hubby was in a motorcycle accident.  He was stopped at a stop sign and a car turning left turned right into his lane him.  And then they fled the scene...ugh!!
  Luckily there were people around to help and another one that chased the car but they started driving through orchards and then abandoned the car.  The good thing about it all is that he didn't break anything, was just bruised up a bit and had some road rash.  It could've been a lot worse, so I truly am grateful that everything turned out ok:)

I took the kids for back-to-school haircuts and Haley decided she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love.  Her ponytail was 14 inches long:)  She is adapting to her new haircut and already watching new you tube videos for short hair.

I didn't do much sewing this past month, I didn't even come close to completing my August goal, but I did finish up this patchwork baby quilt and listed it in my shop.
The day before school, we took the kids on a hike to the Wild Horses Monument in Vantage.  It was a pretty steep hike for our little family but it was worth it with all of the beautiful views.
And of course, the kids started back to school. Tyler started 6th grade, in middle school, and is loving it so far.  Haley is in 3rd grade and Emily started kindergarten.  Things are a lot quieter around here but I feel like I am finally starting to get caught up on things around the house and Katie is a great little helper.  It was a busy month but I'm so grateful we carved out some time for family summer fun:)


  1. What beautiful kids :-) Mt Rainer looks amazing!!

  2. wow!!! you guys have been busy!!!! your trip to MT Rainer looks amazing!!!! how pretty!!! is Ryan ok? that sounds scary!!! hope your hip/back is ok.. I've been having problems with my wrists.. guess we are getting old!!! LOL.. the kids look great in their back to school outfits and that horse place looks pretty cool

  3. Is Ryan ok? That sounds so scary- for all of you! I love, love the mt. Rainer pics, so pretty!