Sunday, July 15, 2012

February Project Life

Ahhh, Project Life, where are you??  I've still be taking my photo a day but I haven't been so great about sitting down to put together the weeks.  Well, I'm finally starting to catch up on our Project Life album around here:)  These are weeks 5-8 from February.  I'll be posting some more project life this week too!

Week 5:January 29th-February 4th
Highlights: Haley did the basketball cheer camp, Emily had a preschool field trip to the dentist, Tyler and his car at Pinewood Derby, piles of laundry (ugh),  Ryan making some homemade donuts, Tyler had to "make" his own toothpaste for a school project, I made a valentine pillow for the house (copied it from here)

Week 6: February 5th-11th
Highlights: Watched Tyler's favorite team in the Superbowl, Emily's VIP day at preschool, Katie drinking her nightly bottle, Tyler won 4th place in the spelling bee, made some homemade pretzels (yum!), made a valentine's wreath for the front door, celebrated grandpa's 85th birhday

Week 7: February 12th-18th
Highlights: Kids working on their valentines, Lots of valentine parties, made some yummy sugar cookies, grocery shopping with the girls, Emily's field trip to the post office and grocery store, Haley hula-hooped in the school talent show, new baby calves, Tyler made the newspaper (about the spelling bee)

Week 8: February 19th-25th
Highlights: Tyler had his first friend sleepover, got some new glasses, played lots of basketball and earned 250 AR award, I finished all of the blocks for our quilt, the kids got some Hawaii souvenirs from Grandma and Grandpa, our Sunday night popcorn, counting boxtops, the kids' Tuesday communication folders, cub scout sugar crystal experiment

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  1. very cool!!! LOVE seeing all the photos and what's going on with you guys!! your kids are getting sooo big!!! wow!!!