Saturday, July 21, 2012

March Project Life

Week 9: February 26th-March 3rd
Highlights: Signing our farm loan, paying bills, changing diapers, cracking walnuts --what an exciting life:)--, Ryan trying to fix the washer, Katie singing on the Wii, wind chimes going crazy on a windy day, Tuesday folders (communication folders from school)

Week 10: March 4th-March 10th
Highlights: Finally able to play outside, A trip to the state park, the kids built a stair house, Katie "reading" books, Tyler's basketball game and his 4H powerpoint on pancakes, learning to french braid, a trip to Costco to stock up our pantry

Week 11: March 11th-March 17th
Highlights: A new washing machine (yeah!!), Haley ironing for church, Katie in the highchair, The Emily/Haley band, Katie playing in the laundry basket, Meeting baby goats at preschool, Haley went to a birthday party at Build-a-Bear and made MoMo, green food for St. Patty's day, girls night at Junior Miss

Week 12: March 18th-March 24th
Highlights: Katie-my dishwasher assistant, Playing Emily's favorite game: uno, Haley had her basketball camp, googly eyes on Katie, the kids getting on the school bus and snow in March!, Ryan's 35th birthday, finished up the sashing on my quilt

Week 13: March 25th-March 31st
Highlights: General Conference, apostle matching game for FHE, Haley reading a chapter book and she earned her 25 pt. AR award, Emily riding her tricycle, Tyler's first video game purchase, monthly chore chard, weekly meal plan

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  1. very cool!!I think I only got up to week 10 so I've got a LOT to do.. LOVE the googley eyes on Katie!!!!