Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Ahh, it's Wednesday again!  The weeks seem to fly by:)  I had one finish this week.  I finished up this purple scripture tote for my daughter, Haley, who was baptized this past weekend.  It's big enough AND sturdy enough to hold her scriptures to church.  She was so excited and didn't realize at first that I had made it.  She loves that it's purple too (her favorite color!).  I used this awesome tutorial to make this bag.  The inside of the bag is actually a placemat from Walmart-that's what makes it so sturdy! The only thing that I would add next time would maybe be a snap closure.

Inside is a little pocket so she can stick in some scripture crayons or pencils:
Other WIP's:
Christmas tree skirt-finished the binding on the outside but need to do the bias binding for the middle and the ties-so close!!
Emily's quilt: No progress
Buggy Barn quilt: no progress

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