Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Ahhh, a new year.  It's fun to look back to see what I accomplished last year.  I finished up my first quilt last year and made 2 more quilts that I gifted away.  The most recent gift was this one, for my new niece, scheduled to arrive any day:)

You can read more about that one here

And now onto my works in progress:
1.  I am soooo close to being done with my Christmas tree skirt.  I didn't get it done in time for this year but I don't want to put it away in the Christmas box until it is DONE.  I just need to finish up on the binding for that one.
2. Next up is a scripture tote that I'm making for my daughter.  She is getting baptized and I am making a tote that she can hold her scriptures in for church.
3.  I've got all of the pieces cut out for Emily's quilt-just need to start sewing.
4. I'm starting a Buggy Barn quilt with a local group.  I'm in charge of making 36 tall hearts.  Got my fabrics-we are supposed to use country fabrics for it.
Other projects I'd like to do this year but haven't started:
-A quilt for Haley and Tyler
-A quilt to match our new couches (they are grey)-I'm thinking probably something with this
-A sewing machine cover
-A camera strap cover
-An apron (for me!)
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  1. I love baby quilts that are bright and full of colors like yours. Great work, and nice quilting!

  2. I love the cheerful colors and patterns on the baby quilt. I am in envy of your FMQ. I am a novice at that and hoping to get better. Swirls are a favorite of mine but so hard to make look good...

  3. That's a lovely colourful quilt for your niece!

  4. Can't wait to see your new projects!!

  5. I love your fabrics. I cannot wait to see the finished quilts.

  6. The baby quilt is so pretty. Great quilting.

  7. Your baby quilt is adorable. I love that pattern too!